We take Home Warranty Business very seriously. Although we do not offer Home warranty Coverage ,We only offer information to help the consumer to obtain all the tools needed to make an educated decision on which Warranty Provider best fits their individual needs.

We also offer Our Badge of transparency to companies who wish to unleash all the background records available online. And allows HWR to dig deep and reflect our own rating of each Home Warranty Company and make public all information Good or Bad. When a Company enters an agreement with HWR it is simply telling the public they have NOTHING to hide.

Not all companies listed on our website have yet joined our partnership program. But can do so at any time. We do not ask for money for being part of our rating system we also do not charge a fee to be accredited or to wear our Badge. We WORK for the CONSUMER ONLY!!

We do offer services other than noted on our website which will help the consumer to work out any issues they may have with any particular warranty company. If a Provider who is listed on our website is displaying our PLATINUM BADGE, Then you the consumer knows for sure that this particular company wants to work out any issues you may have with Claims ,Payments ,Terms ,Etc.


Home Warranty Available in All States

Our company will help you find a provider who will fix it right the first time so it lasts. Get the free qoute today !