Recognize Our Partners

From the Home Warranty Reports team, partnerships matter!
Our success depends on how home warranty service provider partners do for their own customers.. And we realize that. It is the innovative products and services that they offer; as well as their dedication in delivering those services to their own  clients,  And we realize that too.
And that’s why we take time each year to Recognize Our Partners!


At Home Warranty Reports we want to keep it simple for Consumers as well as The top notch Warranty providers who are accredited with our badge. It is a symbol of transparency to the public. Unlike other consumer reporting websites we will not offer control of the reviews of particular providers nor will we favor good reviews VS bad reviews . Most online review websites of Home Warranty companies do exactly that. Like with any online business Home  Warranty sales have become majority online business.

We consider all Home Warranty Companies listed on our website to be our Partners. In order to be transparent about reviews ,Good and Bad ,We do our own research on every particular Provider. If the provider is Proud of its track record then it will diplay our Badge with pride. On the other hand some companies do not or have not yet joined our partnership for reasons unknown. Home Warranty Business is one of the most difficult businesses in the country. This is why we Thank all Home warranty companies and let them know their hard work has not gone un recognized.

As a result, our partner process means that consumers are able to chose company based on fact and not biased manipulation.  Consumers can then rest assured that, when they use our website , they will  only be served by  our internal rating system and view some of the most trusted names in the Home Warranty industry. And that should be good enough for anyone – correct? Allowing for a fact based decision for consumers.
But that’s not good enough for us!

We want much more for companies and consumers, and that’s why, each year we go through a highly transparent, impartial and competitive process to select the best of the best from amongst industry leading Warranty Companies . Our research is not based on online reviews. Instead we base our ratings on constant POLLING of consumers in  "search of" or currently having a warranty contract . We send out Polls and Rating questions on many many Consumers who have an interest in Home warranty Claims every day. In fact this is what we do !

First, to show our appreciation for the great work they do, and to thank them for serving our Users  diligently
Then, to highlight the value that we place in Industry leaders and all companies who keep an excellent track record or even a medioca track record as long as they show strong effort to fulfill their customers needs.

But most of all, the Home Warranty Report’s Recognize Our Partners Program is about quality. In appreciating two of the best Companies – in two separate categories – we encourage all of the Companies  in our network to “up their games”, so that they too can be appreciated and recognized the next time.

Ultimately, our Recognize Our Partners Program is a win-win event for everyone:

Other Companies in our network will work harder to become part of this notariarty , and work harder to come up with better services. As a result, consumers get more choice, better pricing and improved customer service! As well as researched Facts to base their decision.

In short, by showing our appreciation to service providing companies, Consumers– are the ultimate beneficiaries!


Each year, Home Warranty Report offers two awards to two of our partners in two specific categories:

Best Company: This award is offered to a partner who has demonstrated the best overall performance throughout the previous year. The Best Company award measures value delivered to consumers,  through several metrics, including amongst others:
Cost effective solutions
Most wide-range coverage

Most flexible terms
Most innovative products or services
Most widely preferred (by our consumers reviews) partner
Constant Polling among consumers with two year prior experience.

Best Service: At the end of the day, we are an Information oriented company. We therefore recognize a Company, who has delivered the most outstanding service to our clients, with the Best Service award. This award is given based on a number of factors, including amongst others:
Service terms
Flexibility of service delivery
Courteous service
Timely service
Customer service experience
While we review past performance in deciding of these awards on winning company, the truth is far different: These awards recognize the past, that’s true. But their intent is to motivate companies for future performance too!


some of them will be public, while others will be held behind closed doors, with an elite “invitation only” list of attendees.
The awards include, amongst other events, tokens and symbolisms:
Presentation of the awards by senior members of the Home Warranty Reports team to senior executives of the winners team or person of designation.
Announcements, through Press Releases and on our company website, blogs and company newsletter about  the awards
Presentation of mounted plaques with embossed inscriptions May be presented .
Distribution of individual recognition certificates to key members of the winning team if and when the winner is part of our partnership program.
Winners will also have the privilege of displaying specific Home Warranty Reports approved insignia, monograms and badges on their own websites, blogs and marketing materials, commemorating the winning of these awards.


Transparency above all! Number ONE!
That’s what our award selection process is all about. We work diligently to ensure that our process is fair, equitable and transparent throughout. We realize that selecting the most deserving companies to be recognized is important – not just to the Companies involved, but for us and mostly for consumers.

The Home Warranty Reports award team comprises of a broad membership base that included media reps, representatives from our consumer base, and front-line employees from our own Customer Service and Partner Network teams.  Since this is an extremely important initiative for our company, the entire process is overseen by high ranking members from within our Great team


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