Home Warranty Plans — Where can I get one?

Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home or just living in a home, you can take advantage of a home warranty plan.

What are home warranty plans, and what do they do?

Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home or just living in a home, you can take advantage of a home warranty plan. A home warranty plan is a warranty that covers household systems and appliances when they break down through normal wear and tear. This could potentially save you a lot of money. Most homeowner’s insurance policies only cover catastrophic events such as accidents, fire and weather damage. They’re no help if the old water heater picks this particular morning to stop working. A home warranty plan fills this gap in your protection.

You might also get a better price when you sell your home if you have a home warranty plan in place. The plan lets the buyers know that even if there’s anything wrong with the home or its appliances that you haven’t told them about, the warranty will cover its repair. Whether your home is new or old, a home warranty plan can work for you.

Home warranty plans — Where can I get one?

If you’re wondering where you can get one, here’s the good news — home warranty plans are available in all 50 states. There are many companies that will happily sell you a plan if you want to buy one. But there are some things you should know before you start looking.

First of all, different plans cover different things. Some plans won’t cover appliances in some zip code, or will ask an additional fee to cover them. Some plans only cover newer homes. Most plans don’t require home inspection, but some do. Before you get a home warranty, be sure to ask about everything it covers or doesn’t cover.

Second, as with almost anybody you do business with, it’s a good idea to do due diligence. When you’re considering a home warranty provider, talk to their representatives over the phone, meet them in person and, most of all, look them up online. Most home warranty providers won’t let you look at their contract until you’re ready to sign it, but make a point of reading the fine print anyway.

A shortcut to finding the right home warranty plan for you

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Home Warranty Available in All States

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